CIS International School response to the risk presented by Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear CIS community,

We recognize that the volume of messages from local government authorities and the school has been quite high in recent weeks. We appreciate your ongoing engagement and attention to all school communications in support of the health and wellbeing of those in our community.

The CIS Steering Committee met March 14, 2020, and approved the following proactive measures with a view toward protecting the health and safety of our community, ensuring high-quality education for our students, and providing certainty to the community regarding the remainder of the school year:

  • CIS has decided to extend Spring Break for another week till March 23rd 2020. This means no students should come to school on Monday, March 16th 2020 as the school will be closed. This is based on the feedback we have received from many parents and recommendations from the local authorities.
  • During next week our teachers will focus on incorporating Distance Learning, so that school is ready to provide remote learning support in case of further extension of the break or potential quarantine period.
  • At the beginning of the next week all students will receive a weekly Learning pack, with homework, recommended books, online tasks, exam preparation sheets and other learning materials. We kindly ask you to provide all support to your child and encourage to an effective self-learning period.
  • We highly recommend all families to stay in Russia and avoid travels outside of the country to any destination. Please kindly avoid public places and events. All these measures will help our school to start onsite learning in a safe way.
  • All school events and planned tournaments will be rescheduled to a later period.
  • CIS has created whole-school Telegram channels to enable prompt communication with all parents, including our response plans to Novel Coronavirus. We recommend all parents to subscribe to the channel so that you can get latest information from the school. Please contact school administration to enable your subscription.
  • CIS officially confirms there are no identified cases of Novel Coronavirus among our students, parents and staff. We hope our preventive measures will continue to be effective.
  • We would like to remind, that all individuals travelling to, or through any country where there are registered cases of the coronavirus must inform the local Russian authorities through the Moscow City Hotline at +7 495 870 4509 (English option available) and 112 for Saint-Petersburg.
  • CIS Leadership will continue to meet regularly to evaluate and offer direction regarding this situation.

The entire CIS Community has shown tremendous resilience and support for each other in recent weeks. Thank you to each of you for living the CIS values as we continue to analyze the incoming information, prepare for Distance Learning, and proactively plan on how to keep our students actively engaged in high-quality learning while maintaining the safety and wellbeing of our community. 

You can ask additional questions to campus secretaries by phones:
• CIS Moscow: +7 (495) 152 7730
• CIS Skolkovo: +7 (495) 255 2249, +7 (495) 255 2202
• CIS Gorki: +7 (495) 152 8383, +7 (495) 162 5115
• CIS Saint Petersburg: +7 (812) 604 3322