"Recommend CIS" loyalty program

Dear parents!

We are happy to be members of the CIS family with you. We appreciate your trust and cooperation throughout the entire time. We are glad to inform you about the launch of the loyalty program "Recommend CIS", as part of the expansion of our community.

What is “Recommend CIS”?

This is a loyalty program aimed at the close, mutually beneficial cooperation between school and family. If your friends or partners go to the CIS International School on your recommendation, you are guaranteed to receive a bonus of 20 000 RUB, which can be used for:

  • Payment for next term of tuition fee
  • Payment for paid afterschool clubs
  • Tuition fees for the next academic year

Program conditions:

  1. For each successfully enrolled child in CIS, you will receive 20 000 RUB to your personal account in CIS.
  2. The number of recommended students for admission to CIS is not limited. The bonus amount does not exceed 100% of the child's annual tuition fee according to the age group.
  3. The family who came on your recommendation should tell your First and Last Name to the reception manager in order to record the fact of the recommendation.
  4. Siblings are not eligible for the program, as the family already has a Sibling Discount.
  5. Bonus for the recommendation is calculated after the conclusion of the contract and payment of tuition fees for the semester.
  6. If a student is enrolled on the basis of the recommendations of several families, the bonus is credited only to the family whose name and surname is called by the visiting family to the admission manager.
  7. The administration of CIS International School reserves the right not to accept a student for admission to the school in accordance with the internal rules of the Company.
  8. The program is valid from 01.12.2020.

Please contact the admissions managers at your campuses for any questions.