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Mission & values

Our mission is to equip students with high quality academic skills and social competencies, enabling them to fulfil their potential as responsible open-minded global citizens.

We embrace dialogue with others and encourage a free and respectful exchange of opinions and ideas.

Mission & values
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    We view each personality as a pivotal and key factor in all our decisions and actions. We think that only motivated teachers can properly deliver a high quality education and inspire students, leading to happy parents.

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    We act as mindful and caring stewards toward everything that depends on us: from school property to our relations with others and our own behaviour. We display leadership by taking responsibility for doing things that we realise need to be done. We respect the law and ensure all our decisions and actions comply with local laws and regulations.

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    Globally-minded and diverse

    We respectfully celebrate every nationality acknowledging the fundamental role and importance of the culture of the communities in which we live. We regard everyone as a person with equal rights, freedoms, and opportunities no matter their gender, age, nation, culture, or religion. We consider cultural, national, and gender diversity a valuable asset.

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    We explore new opportunities for better education and work. We try new things that we believe can benefit our students, parents, employees, and partners. For us education goes beyond the classroom. We trust there is always a better way of doing what we do.

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    We embrace dialogue with others, encouraging the free and respectful exchange of opinions and ideas.

Our history

Cambridge International School is an independent, non-governmental organisation, established to provide high-quality education to local and expatriate communities in Russia


Cambridge International School was established in 2009 and soon became one of the leading international schools in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Its principal aim continues to be the provision of an excellent education based on the Cambridge International Curriculum whilst providing full access to the Russian Curriculum.


Cambridge International School is registered as a Cambridge International School, accredited by the University of Cambridge’s Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). Cambridge International School is a member of ECIS (European Council of International Schools) and is licensed by the Russian educational authorities.


Our school is staffed with a dedicated, hardworking, and professional body of international teachers who work alongside our families in order to provide an environment that facilitates the growth of our students and provides them with the skills they need to excel in life.


Along with the Application form the original or copies of the following documents need to be provided by the parents.

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School accreditations

Cambridge International School has been awarded Cambridge International School status by Cambridge Assessment International Education and is approved to offer Cambridge programmes.

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Work at CIS

Dear teachers and teaching assistants! We would be delighted to meet you or speak to you over Skype to discuss open employment opportunities, key responsibilities and job conditions, setup required interviews, and organise school tours. Just send your CV and cover letter explaining your educational philosophy to

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