Early years

CIS Tashkent is awaiting approval to offer Cambridge International programmes and qualifications.
Early years foundation stage

The early years programme is for children from three to five years old and follows the British National Curriculum. This foundation stage prepares children for school, immersing them in an English speaking environment and developing confidence and familiarity to help them succeed at school.

Early Years
Early Years Foundation Stage

We invite your child to study at an English language kindergarten - CIS International School. All lessons in the kindergarten are conducted by native English speakers. Your child will definitely receive a sufficiently high level of pre-school education in English in our nursery school.

The programme

The focus is on developing English language skills, as well as children’s key emotional and social skills.

The early years foundation stage programme is fully conducted in English by experienced and professional teachers who are native English speaking teachers. To ensure the children succeed, the teachers are supported by Russian-speaking teaching assistants.

The teachers aim to create an environment where each child feels confident and comfortable taking risks, both with language and interacting with others.

Children are exposed to all aspects of the English language through visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic activities, including songs, games, stories, and individual play group and class time.

Tashkent Early years Campus

CIS Tashkent is located in a cosy and modern residential area near the city centre in Almazar district. The innovative educational complex includes a school and a full-time kindergarten for children for ages two and older.

We offer full programmes for our International (English) and National programmes.