Skolkovo Campus

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to CIS Skolkovo!

The campus provides quality education from nursery to year 13. We encourage students and staff from different levels in the school to cooperate with one another. As such we make a commitment to developing our students intellectually and socially. We actively embrace the Cambridge Learner Attributes and use these as a means to reflect and set goals for students, teachers and for the school as a whole.

Overall, the teachers, leadership team and I have endeavoured to make Skolkovo a happy school in which people are valued, respected and welcomed.

Yours Sincerely,
Stewart MacPherson

Stewart MacPherson
Head of Campus
Early Years Foundation Stage

CIS International School is an international private kindergarten with education in English: at Skolkovo campus, kids have the opportunity to study from an early age with native speakers in a comfortable environment.Our private English kindergarten offers a program for children 3-5 years old, provides comprehensive and high-quality preschool education.Each class, in addition to an experienced teacher, has a Russian-speaking assistant and a nanny helping children in everyday routines. The school day starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m., there is also an opportunity to attend clubs or stay on an extended period.

The programme

Kindergartens with English provide the all-round development of the child and high-quality preparation for admission to British primary schools. The course also includes classes with a teacher of the Russian curriculum.

The key feature of the kindergarten CIS International School is that both the educational process and communication with children is conducted in English. As a result, it becomes a second native language for each child.

The program includes a huge variety of play activities, which not only allow naturally integrate into the language environment, but also develop children’s personal and social skills.

Our kindergarten offers the following clubs:

Included in tuition fee

  • acting
  • journalism
  • regional geography
  • board games
  • aerobics
  • batik
  • football

  • mental arithmetic
  • robotics
  • arts and crafts
  • singing
  • chess
  • drama
  • piano
  • gymnastics and acrobatics


High-quality and balanced meals four times a day, for children attended clubs – five times a day with a late dinner at 4:30 p.m.

Health Care

Rest time is provided during the day - 30-40 minutes of lying rest in the soft zone.

Playgrounds and Sportsgrounds

Private walking area with a playground and a football pitch


Convenient parking for parents.


A building with its own sports and a fine arts class. A separate classroom for each group, equipped with separate toilets and changing rooms.


Integrated Cambridge and Russian educational programs

24/7 Security

Children are under constant supervision of teachers and nannies, the school territory is guarded.

Educational materials

A large number of educational materials, books and games.

Admission process

Everyone who wants to attend a kindergarten in English at Skolkovo campus, should pass a test with a speech therapist, psychologist, and Head teacher of the unit.

To sign up for school-tour or to learn more about admission please contact us via call center or e-mail.