Sixth Form

Cambridge A/AS level school

Cambridge Advanced is typically for learners aged 16 to 19 years who need advanced study to prepare for university and higher education. Students study the Cambridge International AS & A Level, accepted as an entry qualification by universities in the UK, across the European Union, North America, and elsewhere around the world. AS & A Level exams are usually taken after 13 years of education and are based on approximately 360 hours of guided learning per subject, normally over a two year period. Our students typically take three subjects at A level, although occasionally exceptional students take four or five.

Currently the Sixth form education (AS & A level) is offered in Skolkovo, Saint Petersburg, Gorki and Tashkent campuses.

Sixth Form
Tests and exams

The subject content of each of the A Level syllabuses offered at CIS, Moscow, has been subdivided into two parts: the AS syllabus content, which is expected to be covered in the first half of the course, and part two of the syllabus commonly referred to as ‘A2’. This flexible approach enables students to choose from three options:

  • Take all A Level exams in the same session at the end of a course of study, usually at the end of the second year (Year 13)
  • Follow a staged assessment to an A Level by taking the AS qualification in one examination session, and the A2 assessment in a subsequent session
  • Take the AS qualification only — either at the end of a one-year or two-year course.

AS Levels may be taken as a freestanding qualification and are accepted in all UK universities. They carry half the weight of an A Level so, for example, students may be admitted with suitable grades in two A Levels and two AS Levels. Details of the tariff operated by the UK Universities are given on the UCAS website.

Sixth Form at CIS International School

Due to the high standards applied at CIS International School, your child will receive a quality level of preparation for the A Level and AS Level exams. Highly qualified teachers of the school will always provide complete information on specialized subjects, as well as answer any students’ question, thereby reducing the psychological burden on the child.