Global perspectives

Admission to universities abroad

Which universities do our graduates enter?

CIS graduates are students who graduated from Year 11-13. Passing national state exams and international exams (IGCSE, A/AS Level), 98% of our graduates go to universities around the world. More than 56% of our students prefer to continue their studies abroad.

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Admission assistance

We provide our graduates with special support in choosing, preparing, and collecting documents for admissions and even for scholarships. Before this step, we help students choose the right path for further education, considering his/her characteristics, personal goals and interests.

Among the tools available to our students, we offer such world-famous university programs as UNIFROG and UCAS.

Alumni association

The Alumni association was created for graduates to keep in touch with their former classmates and the school. The Association supports new graduates and provides an opportunity to strengthen friendly and business relationships with people of similar qualifications and education.

Alumni association is involved in a wide range of activities: events, social media presence, mentoring program, volunteering and donations, career services and active communication.

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Leadership programs

Cambridge International School educates the leaders of the future. At our campuses, we provide students with the opportunity to try themselves in various roles, including managing ones.

We believe that students can make a valuable contribution to the effectiveness of their school, and their participation in the work of academic institution itself is a valuable part of the educational process.

The Student Council, to which students from each class are elected, every month resolves issues related to the life of the school.

Moreover, in each campus we have developed a traditional in UK “House System”, according to which all students are divided into “houses” and participate in regular competitions throughout the year. This system not only helps to strengthen friendship, but also contributes to foster responsibility and develop leadership skills within the team.

The “Model UN” (MUN) Political Debate Club is another opportunity to try on the role of a leader on a global scale. Our delegates not only participate in local and national sessions, but go further, demonstrating their skills among foreign teams abroad.

Global perspectives
  • Admission to universities abroad
  • Which universities do our graduates enter?
  • Admission assistance
  • Alumni association
  • Leadership programs