Admission policy


Either during the campus visit or at a later date, prospective pupils take an assessment. The type of assessment varies by age, but for most ages it includes an English and Maths test and an interview with the School Psychologist. The assessment is to determine your child’s ability to succeed and whether or need they may need extra support. The assessment process is designed with the interests of each individual child in mind.

From 2019, paid assessment will be introduced in all campuses, consisting of several blocks: knowledge testing, readiness for studying in the CIS, final assessment and issuing recommendations. The cost for Moscow, the Moscow region and St. Petersburg is 8 000₽, for Tashkent 440 000 UZS.


Once your child has taken the tests, if they are determined a suitable fit and should there be a place available, we will require you to reserve a place as soon as it is possible by completing the Application Form and paying the Entrance Fee.

Most students join CIS in September, but we are happy to admit students throughout the year provided that we have places available.


Along with the Application Form, which is provided by the school’s admissions office, the original or copies of the following documents need to be provided by the parents:

  1. Child’s Birth Certificate
  2. Child’s passport and their identity card (Russian) or visa (non-Russian)
  3. Passport of one of the parents and their identity card (Russian) or visa (non-Russian)
  4. Two passport size photographs of your child
  5. One passport size photograph of the adult(s) (may be up to 5 adults) who will be responsible for collecting your child from school
  6. Medical and health records for your child
  7. Signed medical insurance declaration
  8. Any available academic transcripts from previous schools (if applicable)

Copies of all documentation will be made by the school’s admissions office.

For more information about the admission procedure, please contact the school via email or by phone.

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