Innovative equipment


Safety is especially important in the school. Staff and contractors are checked by the security service.

All the Cambridge International School campuses are located in a closed territory, which is guarded around the clock.

Video surveillance cameras are installed on the school grounds and inside the buildings.

Access to the school is carried out strictly by access cards, both for employees and for students and parents.

The rules of anti-terrorist protection of facilities and fire safety are strictly followed in all campuses.

Health care

Health care at the Cambridge International School is permanent.

All classes are equipped with ergonomic furniture, which helps to be in a sitting position during lessons without serious strain on the spine.

The number of students in the class does not exceed 20 people, and most often, there are no more than 15-18 students per class.

Twice a day children go out for an outdoor stroll, during which kids can play on playgrounds, and older children can work out at sports complexes or play football.


Depending on the length of stay at school, four or five times a day our children are provided with a full balanced nutrition. We use 100% halal products and only gentle cooking methods that preserve all useful properties of dishes. The menu is based on the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor (The Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing) and is enriched with various variations of salads, sauces, hot dishes and side dishes.

Dishes, including delicious pastries, are prepared in our own kitchen by professional cooks. Most of them have rich work experience in restaurants and hotels in Moscow, Moscow Oblast, the North Caucasus, Novosibirsk and Kamchatka, as well as with well-known foreign cooks. Every day in the ration there are dietary types of meat or fish (white or red), fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as a vegetarian menu.

Allergen products are not used in our kitchens, and our cooks are ready to take individual needs into account.

Themed holidays with national cuisine from all over the world are regularly held in schools, as well as pizza parties which are beloved by all children. During the Summer School, our cooks arrange master classes with delicious dishes.

We have no restrictions on the number of portions and dishes. You can try everything at once!

Among other things, much attention is paid to the organization of the drinking regime of students. Students always can get drinking water from special devices in free access.

Medical support

A doctor and/or a professional nurse is at the school during all working hours, he/she monitors the health of students and staff. If necessary, the medical staff also provides first medical and pre-medical aid, and helps to prepare nutrition for children who have special perception of some products.


Also, if necessary, our students can receive psychological support at any time. The school has a psychologist who works with children at the request of teachers and/or parents, conducts regular monitoring of the emotional atmosphere in the classes and gives students advices on important issues in the field of psychology and sociology.

Speech therapist

A speech therapist works daily at the Cambridge International School.

When the child enters our school, he/she is interviewed by this specialist, who determines the level of the speech development and areas for improvement. In the future, depending on the request of the teacher or parent, the specialist individually helps students to develop sound pronunciation, overcome difficulties with oral and written speech, and with vocabulary enrichment.


Our campuses are equipped not only for daily comfortable classes, which is required by the main program, but also for full-fledged sports, science and creative work activities.

  • Separate halls for dancing, music, theater art.
  • Fully equipped studios for painting and creative work activities.
  • Real science labs, as well as robotics classes and computer labs.
  • A media studio has also been created for graduating classes to implement the most ambitious graduation projects.
  • And, of course, libraries with foreign and national literature.

Due to all this equipment, the Cambridge International School has a large number of clubs in each campus. You can read more about our optional classes here.

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