International Environment

Bilingual environment

At the Cambridge International School all lessons (according to the Cambridge program) and additional classes are held in English. The teaching process is conducted by experienced and qualified native-speaking teachers from such countries as the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and others. Each class has one foreign teacher and one Russian teacher.

Our teachers are not only professionals in their fields, but they are also very interesting people who have life and work experience in different countries.

We think that it is extremely important that English is not just a “language of educational process”, but also a “language of communication”. We strive and motivate our children to speak English not only during classes, but after them, too.

In addition to English, it is also mandatory to study Spanish from Year 3 (from 7 years old).

Special environment

At the CIS International School, we understand that the upbringing of a child does not only come from direct interaction with the curriculum and with the teacher. The environment itself where the child spends most of his/her school day is very important, too.

Children of more than 20 nationalities study at the CIS International School, that creates an invaluable experience of interaction with different cultures and mentalities.

Moreover, children from families of politicians, businessmen and cultural celebrities, including international level, study at our school. This allows our students to communicate daily with very interesting people from different spheres of life and build perspective strong relations for the future.

Global values

At the Cambridge International School, we take care and responsibility not only for academic results, but especially for what values our graduates will “take away” with them. Will they treat themselves, the people around them and the whole world carefully and responsibly?

Our MISSION is to provide students with the opportunity to realize their potential as responsible, progressive and open citizens of the world, help them develop high-quality academic skills and social competencies.

We help our students bring up:

  • Responsibility
    We behave with care and respect towards everyone and everything that surrounds us.
    We have obligations, and we are personally responsible for our actions.
  • Global thinking
    We appreciate the individual differences and views of all people.
    We actively interact with the world and the society where we live.
  • Continuous learning
    We study all life, constantly refresh our knowledge and skills.
  • Cooperation
    We interact and support each other to achieve the best result.
    We encourage a free and respectful exchange of opinions and ideas.
    We communicate and act openly, we are honest.
  • The man in the spotlight:
    We are a community of students who believe that everyone has talent. This is the starting point.
    We believe in people and appreciate their thoughts and ideas.

Graduates are citizens of the world

Our graduates have no barriers: in language, in studying international programs, in communicating with people from other countries and cultures, because during their school life they do it every day.

And the international certificate of the Cambridge International School, which graduates can get after passing the final exams successfully, allows them to enter 140 universities around the world, including universities in the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Canada and other countries.

The Cambridge International School graduates are students who graduated from Year 11-13. Thanks to passing the Unified State Exam and international exams (IGCSE, A/AS Level), 98% of our graduates go to universities around the world. More than 56% of the students prefer to continue their studies abroad. According to the two most famous global rankings, more than 30% of our students have entered the “500 best” universities in the world. 44% of the graduates choose universities in Russia to continue their studies. According to the 2019 RAEX survey, the top 10 universities accept a third of our students.

International Environment
  • Bilingual environment
  • Special environment
  • Global values
  • Graduates are citizens of the world