Tashkent Campus

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the CIS Kindergarten!

Our professional people-centred team of teachers and staff is deeply committed to engaging students with best-practice methodologies and creating a positive and holistic learning environment.

We warmly welcome you to come and visit our kindergarten and meet our dedicated team and me.

Yours Sincerely,
Cobus Stander
Head of Early Years and Primary

Cobus Stander
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CIS Tashkent International Kindergarten

CIS Tashkent invites your child to our international kindergarten, offering education in English with experienced native-speaking teachers.

Our unique educational programme for children aged 2 to 6 combines the best practices of British and Cambridge curriculum. It not only provides high-quality preparation for entry into international primary schools but also focuses on the comprehensive development of the child.

The programme

British National Curriculum for Learners 2-4 Years (EYFS)

  • Early Language Mastery: Special emphasis on developing skills in reading, writing, and speaking in English.
  • Mathematics Fundamentals: Introduction to basic mathematical concepts such as counting and early problem-solving skills, fostering the development of critical thinking.
  • World Exploration: Early understanding of the surrounding world, including basic knowledge of nature, science, and society.
  • Personal, Social, and Emotional Development: Building children's self-confidence, independence, and effective interaction skills with others.
  • Creativity and Art: Encouraging creative abilities through activities in art, music, and drama, with performances at concerts throughout the academic year.

Cambridge Curriculum for Learners Aged 5-6 Years (Key Stage 1)

  • Advanced English Language Study: Continuing the development of language skills, preparing for more complex aspects of the language.
  • Mathematics: Deepening understanding in three key areas - numerical operations, basics of geometry, and mastering mathematical principles. Students actively develop a creative approach to mathematics, enhancing their skills and abilities in numerical calculations.
  • Scientific Knowledge: Diving into the basics of natural sciences, forming skills in research and experimentation.
  • Global Education: Understanding global processes through being in an international environment and multicultural interactions.
  • Development of Critical Thinking: Stimulating the ability to analyse, synthesise, and evaluate information.


High quality meals five times a day.

Health Care

Rooms for sleeping, studying and eating — separately for each group.

Playgrounds and Sportsgrounds

Private walking area with a playground.


Convenient parking for parents.


A separate building with its own
sports and assembly halls.
A separate class for each group.


Integrated educational programs based on teamwork on projects.

24/7 Security

Children are under constant supervision of teachers and nannies.

Educational materials

A large number of educational materials, books and games.

Admission process

To sign up for school-tour or to learn more about admission please contact us via call center or e-mail.