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Welcome to Tashkent Campus

By becoming part of the CIS community, you are joining an organization passionate about education. Our unique values, vision and drive to create open-minded empowered students is something I strongly believe sets us apart from other educational establishments.

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Early Years Foundation Stage

CIS International School invites your child to study at an English language kindergarten in Tashkent. All lessons in the kindergarten are conducted by native English speakers in a comfortable environment for kids.

The program is made for preschoolers 2-5 years old and involves not only high-quality preparation for admission to British primary schools but also the comprehensive development of the child.

The programme

An English kindergarten is not just a kindergarten with English lessons: communication and the entire educational process is conducted in English. Therefore, from an early age, children use a foreign language as a tool for playing with peers and interacting with teachers, eventually perceiving English as a second native language.

The program includes a huge variety of play activities, which not only allow naturally integrate into the language environment, but also develop children’s personal and social skills.


High quality meals five times a day.

Health Care

Rooms for sleeping, studying and eating — separately for each group.

Playgrounds and Sportsgrounds

Private walking area with a playground.


Convenient parking for parents.


A separate building with its own
sports and assembly halls.
A separate class for each group.


Integrated educational programs based on teamwork on projects.

24/7 Security

Children are under constant supervision of teachers and nannies.

Educational materials

A large number of educational materials, books and games.

Admission process

To sign up for school-tour or to learn more about admission please contact us via call center or e-mail.