Cambridge Teacher, Primary School

Michelle Moberly


United Kingdom


Winchester PGCE, Roehampton First Class Hons Education

I have experience teaching in KS1 and KS2 and enjoy the different learning stages that Primary school students pass through on their learning journeys. In 2015, I benefited greatly from working at a Primary school in the UK that received an outstanding judgement by Ofsted in 2018. These high expectations continue to inform the teaching and learning strategies I use in the classroom, throughout the academic year. Recently, I have been teaching at an International boarding school in China, which was incredibly rewarding. This role helped me to develop further as a teacher and recognise the rich and diverse cultural opportunities that are available to support students in their learning, when English is not their first language. I believe that for children to make good academic progress they must feel safe to make mistakes. I promote a supportive and caring classroom where children will be encouraged to embrace the many opportunities that school life has to offer and to come to understand that making mistakes are part of the learning and growing process. I have been a teacher at CIS since August 2021 and feel privileged to be able to combine my passion for teaching with my love of travelling to vast countries and vibrant cities. I am looking forward to continuing my teaching career in the beautiful city of Moscow, but will be found in a hot yoga studio during the long cold winter.

Michelle Moberly
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Skolkovo Campus

The Skolkovo campus is located in the western part of Moscow in the vicinity of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, surrounded by a national park and numerous sports fields.