Choosing a private kindergarten

Home education cannot guarantee appropriate preparation for school. But not all the parents want their child to go to an ordinary kindergarten. A worthy modern alternative to state kindergartens is private pre-school institutions, which can help those who cannot or do not want to raise a baby before school at home.

Basic human needs are formed precisely in childhood, so it is extremely important to choose a private kindergarten for a child: your baby should not only attend it with pleasure but also get a solid starting base of knowledge and skills necessary for his future life.

To decide which private kindergarten is worth your attention, we will analyze the real possibilities of preschool institutions that offer different programs to choose from.

Benefits of a private kindergarten

The main and obvious advantage of private children's institutions is an individual approach to each pupil. When the groups are formed with no more than 5-10 kids, enough attention is paid to each child.

In addition, we can name a number of other advantages such as:

  • preschool educational programs, supplemented by advanced pedagogical know-hows;
  • professional educators;
  • balanced nutrition can be changed regarding the specific needs of each child.

Children are offered with developing and plot games – both indoors and outdoors, watching educational videos. They attend music classes, art lessons, physical exercises, and, if necessary, speech therapy correction. Kindergarten with the option of learning English is highly demanded today.

Private English Kindergarten

Starting learning a foreign language in a kindergarten is comfortable and effective. The “kindergarten” age is the most suitable to begin studying, as the kids are very susceptible to the development of speech-related skills, and the team process is faster due to additional communication between children with the same level of training.

Usually, in such institutions, children communicate in Russian for one half of the day and in English for the second. Thus, earlier immersion in the language environment is achieved, and children simultaneously learn two languages ​​at once. Professional English teachers help and coordinate the immersion of preschoolers into the general educational process.

The main question for parents is how to choose a private kindergarten, which will provide the necessary pre-school education for the child. CIS International School offers a unique kindergarten with learning English with native speakers.

CIS kindergarten has several benefits:

  • a variety of activities that ensure the full development of the child;
  • the formation of key social, personal and emotional skills;
  • experienced teachers, high efficiency of the educational process.

Studying in our kindergartens follows the program for preschool children, used in all British international schools. The program is designed for 3-5 year old children's audiences and is a reliable starting point for future education at British colleges and universities.

Kindergartens are opened in Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg, and Tashkent. You can find out the conditions of the child’s stay and the fees on the site. To learn more, please, visit the CIS International School.

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