Top Universities in Ireland

The structure of higher education of this small island state is in many respects similar to the British: 3-4 years is spent on the bachelor's degree, then they get master’s degree, at the end of which those who want to devote themselves to scientific and research activities have the opportunity to continue their studies (postgraduate studies, doctoral studies), although higher education is considered completed after receiving a master's degree.

The attractiveness of a university in Ireland for international students is determined by the high (as good as British) quality of education at a more affordable cost of training. At the same time, university curricula are more focused on scientific achievements than on the practical application of knowledge.

7 Pearls of Ireland: List of the Universities

In the Irish higher education system, the fields are divided and represented by universities, teacher training colleges and institutes of technology.

There are seven famous universities in the country (in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway) - and each of them is famous in its way:



Tuition fees (EUR/per year)

Trinity College Dublin

founded in 1592, is not only the oldest but also the best in the Republic of Ireland, invariably entering the TOP-50 universities in the world; has its research center, is considered the Irish equivalent of Oxford and Cambridge      from 16 000

Dublin City University

founded in 1975, focused on the study of natural sciences, gives excellent knowledge in the field of IT and business, also offers language learning

about 12 500

Dublin Institute of Technology

founded in 1978, is in the top 100 best new universities in the world, specializes in technological areas
     from 11 000

University of Limerick

founded in 1972, recognized in the country as the leader of corporate education, annually more than 2 000 of its students are successfully employed

from 8 500

University College Cork

national university, founded in 1845 and considered one of the most prestigious in the country

from 7 400

University College Dublin

the largest research university in the country, traces its history back to 1854, is known for a large number (20+) of scientific centers

from 5 500

National University of Ireland Galway

founded in 1845, it has seven faculties, including traditional jurisprudence and economics, as well as an extraordinary faculty of Celtic anthropology

near 12 000

Irish people aged 17-18 years pass the final exams at school to receive the Leaving Certificate (6 elective disciplines). These exams are the entrance exams at the same time. For enrollment in the university, one needs a certificate with at least two profile subjects rated with the highest points.

Foreign citizens should decide on the choice of university at least a year before applying - their applications are accepted from September to March. It should be noted that training in well-funded public educational institutions with a world reputation and rich history is considered more prestigious.

Universities in Ireland for Russians

Higher education in Ireland can be obtained free of charge by any citizen of the republic (bachelor's degree, at least), there is the possibility of free studying for foreigners - citizens of the EU and the UK, but Russians will have to pay (except for people with official refugee status). A positive point: there are numerous grants and scholarships for foreign students from different educational institutions - for example, an incentive special scholarship for Russian students is offered by Dublin's Trinity College (Dublin).

There are no restrictions on the admission of foreign students in Irish universities, but candidates have to undergo a very strict selection, including a discussion of the candidacy in the international department, which is why it can take up to two months to make an enrollment decision.

Also, the unpleasant feature of studying in this country for our children is a very expensive accommodation in university campuses and the impossibility of entering with the Russian certificate.

CIS International School — first step to foreign education

The real golden key to the "doors" to studying in prestigious foreign universities for young Russians today is CIS International School - an international school, in which boys and girls receive not only a national state diploma but also the IGCSE recognized throughout the world.

In addition to the international certificate of secondary education, graduates also acquire a brilliant knowledge of English - at the level of the second native language, which, of course, is the basis for obtaining higher education abroad (study programs for foreigners at the University of Ireland - in English).

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