Amanda Paiva

Cambridge Teacher, Drama teacher

Amanda Paiva


Colombo, Srilanka

  • Trinity College London;
  • Bachelors from the University of West London

I'm Amanda Paiva, from the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka. With over thirteen years of experience in teaching Drama and directing numerous grand-scale musical productions, I have honed the art of using creative arts to develop language and communication skills, particularly with non-native English speakers. My firm belief is that Drama offers students a unique platform for self-expression, creativity, and personal growth.

In addition to my passion for Drama, I have a love for yoga, dancing, and the serene beaches that surround me. I'm genuinely thrilled at the prospect of channeling my enthusiasm and experience to nurture and inspire the incredibly talented students here at CIS Gorki.

Amanda Paiva
Gorki Campus

The school is located in just 17 km away from Moscow, in the Cottage village “Berezki”. The newly built separate school and kindergarten buildings are equipped with modern facilities and have great transport accessibility.