Primary school ESL

Anahit Petrosyan


I was born in Armenia, Artsakh . In 2008 I graduated from Artsakh State University " and was awarded the Bachelor's degree of Pedagogy and Philology in the field of English language.In Armenia I worked as a teacher more than 10 years. During my teaching experience I also worked with kids of special needs. I have a practice of camping (summer school) teacher as well.I moved to Russia in 2022 with my family. I have been creating my working activity in CIS team from November 2022 and I really enjoy every moment of my being in this amazing family.

I improve my working skills every day, as I like my job and want to become better. I highly feel the value of team work and ,if I have difficulties, in any case,I know we can do it together.I admire of any kind of handwork, my hobby is making things with Makrame.

Anahit Petrosyan
Gorki Campus

The school is located in just 17 km away from Moscow, in the Cottage village “Berezki”. The newly built separate school and kindergarten buildings are equipped with modern facilities and have great transport accessibility.