Learning Assistant

Tatiana Levchakova




English language and Geography teacher (Moscow Pedagogical State University), Pedagogical technologies and design of the educational and upbringing process in the subject area of the English language in Moscow Academy of Professional Competences, Effective methods of improving the language competence of an English teacher - Foxford on-line school.

11 years of experience in teaching english for students of different ages: English for technical perpose (IT) for 1st year students in MATI (Russian State technological university), Children aged from 3 to 7 in Russian state kindergarden # 1195.Created my own programme of teaching english at the beginner level based on communicative technique which include vast ammount of games and educational songs, made up a lot of learning materials for this programme.
8 years of work in International Construction company Lafarge (Cement, construction aggregates and concrete): from secretary to Export manager for CIS and Baltic Countries .
Now I work at Cambridge International School as an LA in Year 6 for 1 year already helping students and supporting a teacher, conducting grammar lessons. In my diverse career I accumulated a large ammount of knowledge, which I am keen to share with my students

Tatiana Levchakova
Skolkovo Campus

The Skolkovo campus is located in the western part of Moscow in the vicinity of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, surrounded by a national park and numerous sports fields.