Benefits of Cambridge English Qualification

Compliance with the required level of their English language proficiency is a must for everyone who has plans to live or study abroad, to find a job in an English-speaking country, or to win a competition for a position in a high-profile international company.

To assess the knowledge there are several well-known tests for persons who speaks English as their second language:

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a standardized exam which is accepted in 130 countries;
  • IELTS (English Language Testing System) is an international testing system to define your English level and skills (the test types include Academic, General Training, and Life Skills);
  • Cambridge English is an exam that allows you to obtain an international Cambridge certificate which validates your English proficiency as one of the life achievements — in other words, it is once for all time.

The key goal of the Cambridge exams is the assessment of the English proficiency level of the persons who are interested in developing a professional carrier or study in the UK; however, in the practice, Cambridge English certificates are accepted at all foreign universities and by employers from all around the globe (Cambridge is a famous high-profile institution!).

Cambridge English Certificate – A Set of Tests

Cambridge Assessment English exams are suitable not only for individuals with a good mastery of language; they are designed in compliance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and their purpose is to test multiple levels of knowledge and make the tests accessible for individuals of various age groups to accurately assess the level of each candidate.

The exam family includes the following 5 tests developed by the professors of the main department of the University of Cambridge:

  • YLE and KET are basic-level exams, 7-12 years old (listening, reading, writing, and speaking); each test is assessed using the scores from 0 to 5, and the total score of 10 qualifies to move on to the next level;
  • PET is a preliminary level test for adults comprised of 3 parts (2 grammar modules and an interview by a teacher on various topics with one or two other exam participants). Successful completion of this step allows you to participate in popular study programs, such as Work and Travel, Work and Study, and etc.;
  • FCE is an exam professional English language (academic level), which comprises of 5 steps (listening, reading, writing, English for academic use, and spoken English). After you have completed the exam, you can obtain a Cambridge English certificate which gives you the opportunity to find a job or study in high schools (100 is the maximum score, to pass the exam you shall get at least 70);
  • CAE and CPE are two testing systems for students and adults (the first exam verifies that your English proficiency is at professional and academic levels and the second one shows that you have the mastery of English as your second language and are able to understand technical terms).

While the results of TOEFL and IELTS are valid for a two-year period, Cambridge English certificates have no period of validity. They are convenient for the examinees because they can choose the appropriate exam based on their goals and the exams also allow educational institutions and employers to easily define their requirements to English proficiency levels. CPE certificate, for example, is highly regarded by reputable British companies.

Why Pass Cambridge Exams

More than 700 experts in specialized groups were involved in the global research which is at the heart of the Cambridge Assessment English. The famous university invests huge funds to prepare for the exams because it takes 2 to 3 years to prepare and verify the tests.

This type of testing serves great with the main purpose of accurately assessing the English proficiency level. In addition, the certificate holder gets the following benefits:

    Improving Your English

    The papers to help you to prepare for the exam are educational and entertaining which ensures that the preparation for such exam will cover all language skills required to study/work/live in an English-speaking country.


    Not everybody can pass the exam successfully but obtaining the certificate significantly improves both your opportunities in the education and labour market and your self-confidence.

    Great Motivation

    It is notorious that most of us are appalled by the exams but taking this step is a great inspiration to pass the next levels.

    To get the picture of what the Cambridge qualification gives to undergraduate applicants or to employment applicants, it is sufficient to say that the results of the Cambridge English exams are accepted by 15 thousand government organisations, leading universities, and high-profile employers all around the world. Mentioning the Cambridge certificate in your CV gives you a big advantage.

    How to Obtain a Cambridge English Certificate

    For persons who want to verify their English language proficiency level, there are 52 thousand registered preparation centres and 2,800 centres operating around the world that provide this examination under the licence of the University of Cambridge.

    You can take this eye-to-eye exam at Cambridge International School (CIS) in Moscow and Saint Petersburg — please call the CIS for more details on obtaining the most highly regarded international qualification Cambridge English.

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