Pre-school English: Features for Kids

Each parent wants his child to grow up as a personality with multiple talents. English is a recognized tool for international communication. It opens up huge layers of information, including numerous sources not translated into other languages such as Russian. We need it to become successful and intelligent.

The benefits of early English learning

Experienced linguistic teachers and psychologists agree that children of preschool age learn foreign languages more efficiently and faster. In early childhood, one starts learning the basics of communication, so that conscious and subconscious processes are activated in the children's mind.

Although pre-school teaching of English usually takes place without complete immersion in the language environment (opposite to learning the native language), the main factors for successful learning are:

• inborn ability to imitate: children easily repeat the words and expressions after their teacher, copying the accent and pronunciation;

• lack of a psychological barrier (a baby is not afraid of mistakes during learning);

• for children six months or even a month is a huge time, so they obtain knowledge faster;

• interesting fact: it is established that up to 10 years a child can easily memorize whole language blocks, even if he is not listening to foreign speech constantly.

English for Preschoolers: Basics of Teaching

Most of the English language teaching methods for young children are based on children's play activity in compliance with four fundamental principles:

• naturalness and comfort of the environment;

• constant interest in language (otherwise, the stereotype "English is boring" may form);

• sequence of training (from simple to complex) with simultaneous attention to all of the aspects (conversational practice, reading, grammar);

• constant repeating (classes should be held regularly).

Thus, teaching English to preschool children requires high professionalism, understanding of the psychological nuances, ability to work with a child creatively and without interrupting the process.

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