Top 10 Traditional English-speaking Countries Dishes

The famous British conservatism naturally encompasses traditional dishes of English cuisine.

To be precise, the key feature of British cuisine is ingredients availability and simple cooking technique, so a foreigner will surely fall for these dishes.

Following are these traditional English dishes (the list is not intended to represent a rating).

Porridge as a National Custom

Cooked oatmeal (called 'porridge' in England) is an essential element of English breakfast along with omelette with bacon and toasts with marmalade. This refers to a British phenomenon of being experiment averse which is perfectly aligned with the principles of healthy eating. For a traveller, this would be a major oversight not to try this very English porridge.

Roast Beef

This is perhaps one of the most popular English-born dishes. The name speaks for itself — a big slab of beef meat sprinkled with salt and pepper and roasted on a grille or a pan or in the oven until medium rare. A peculiar feature of the meat is that it shall be browned and be reddish.

Steak & Kidney Pudding

A prime example of a simple and hearty food, it is usually garnished with mashed potatoes and vegetables. To make the dough for the pudding they add bone broth and kidney suet and fill it with onions, shredded beef, and kidneys. Then they steam it (it takes up to 4 hours) but it surely is not a dessert even though the word 'pudding' can imply otherwise.

Melton Mowbray Pork Pie (Leicestershire Pork Pie)

The recipe comes from Leicestershire (special dough + fresh thinly cut pork) and it is basically the culinary heritage of the region. Today, strict conformity to the formulation of the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie is regulated by a special association, while it was an idea of hearty food for labourers at its early days. A legend says, some noblemen got hungry during a hunt and tried the pie; to their surprise, it was very tasty.

English-like Sausages Baked in Pudding Batter

Today, to make this appetizer which is commonly known as Toad-in-the-Hole they use pork sausages dipped into pudding batter and baked. The dish looks very light and is served with vegetables and onion gravy. It is extremely easy to cook and is an all-English dish and an absolute favourite in the cooking repertoire of each British housewife.

Bubble and Squeak

An ideal companion to eggs and meat, it is essential to a classical Irish breakfast where it is served with omelette and bacon or of an English Sunday lunch with cold boiled meat covered with marinade. It takes its funny name from the sounds that cabbage makes during frying.

Yorkshire Pudding

This appetizer is fabulous, and they even have a special day to celebrate it — the first Sunday of February. This dish is unique in the sense that it is a basic cake which can be filled with anything from beef with vegetables and mashed potatoes, to sausages, sheep, or beans — no wonder that this pudding is loved by everyone!


Stuffed sheep's bag is a common dish of Scotch cuisine. For the stuffing, they use minced pluck with suet, onions, and spices, and it is usually garnished with potatoes and swede. Notably, there is a vegetarian haggis in British cuisine.

Boiled Eggs Worcester / Manchester / Scottish Like

In London's diners, they will serve you a boiled egg in a browned mince-meat patty for breakfast, and there are several varieties of this tasty dish. Two alternative recipes, Manchester's and Worcester's, use different filling techniques — marinated filling or the famous Worcester sauce accordingly.

Cornish Pasties

All over the country, you will be offered with this hearty snack — a golden pastry, shortcrust and heavily filled. Cornish pasty can be easily recognized by its distinctive D shape and nice crimps on one side, and you can choose from meat, vegetable, or fruit filling. Try it while it is still hot.

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