Autumn concert

Tо celebrate the end of the first term CIS's pupils in Skolkovo prepared their first concert. All groups from Pre-­nursery to Year 5 took part in the organization and everyone showed their talents on our new stage.

Nursery performed touching chicken dance, and pre-nursery group created a real circus on our stage, with clowns and magic tricks. Year 2 pleased the audience dancing with umbrellas, and the Recep­tion group continued the "animals" theme and showed us a wonderful bunnies' dance. Year 1, in turn, have shown that they are ready for the unpredictable autumn weather and performed a dance in rubber boots.

We celebrated the autumn season and all the autumn festivals jointly: Harvest Day, The First Cold, and also we did not forget Halloween. We were reminded of this holiday by some of the children's costumes. At the end of the concert, we enjoyed a co­lourful folk dance, performed by Year 3 and Year 5.