Year 5 Excursion The Pushkin Museum

On the 28th of January we travelled to The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts for a guided tour of the Greek exhibition. Firstly we entered a large open room, where we were surrounded by gigantic columns and statues. We looked at a model of Greece two thousand years ago and then looked at the various statues, including Aphrodite and Athena.

Our tour guide took us from room to room where we looked at a variety of Greek artefacts. There were some really interesting pieces made from a variety of materials. We saw a beautiful headdress made of four thousand pieces of gold, some fantastic examples of Greek urns and amazing stone cast pieces. The final piece our tour guide showed us was the mosaic of Zeus and the minotaur.

The children loved this piece in particular as it had so much detail, and they also love this story. The children then walked around the Greek displays and had time to analyse different pieces and take some photographs. On our way out we had a quick look at the Egyptian mummies and then travelled home. It really was an enjoyable day.