Festivalnaya Cambridge Connection - Issue 3

Festivalnaya Cambridge Connection - Issue 3


Once again, two weeks have flown by. Our school has been involved in the movement of Values-based education – learning on the basis of values.

Within this movement, we have held events for the popularization and development of the Value of the Month - RESPECT both in lessons and during Charity Week.
By the way, thank you for participating in the collection of items for the children's hospice "The House with a Lighthouse!" In the past two weeks, we have organized excursions in English to such wonderful places as Moscow-city, the Polytechnic Museum at VDNKH and the New Tretyakovskaya Gallery. The House of Eagles have exceeded the Houses of Lions and Sharks in points. And the Journalism Club have released their first issue of the online journal, The Festivalnaya Student Voice. For more information about these topics and more please explore this issue of our school Newsletter.


The students of Year 3 and Year 4 went on an excursion to Moscow City: we strolled around the territory of this unusual quarter, learned about the history of construction of skyscrapers from glass and concrete, studied the concept of "city in the city", climbed to the observation deck of the Federation Tower and enjoyed the beautiful view of Moscow.

Year 7 and Year 8 students visited the exposition of the Polytechnic Museum at VDNKh where seven scientific areas of modern science were presented: "Outside the Earth", "New Anthropogenesis", "Analogues of Nature", "Illusions", "Radio + "," Nuclear energy "and" Plasma energy ". In each section there were interactive exhibits revealing the mechanisms of the work of inventions of Russian scientists, and our guide explained the influence of these discoveries on the development of the modern civilization.

Year 5 and Year 6 students went on an excursion to the New Tretyakov Gallery, where they got acquainted with the work of the masters of Russian avant-garde – Mikhail Larionov, Natalia Goncharova, Kazimir Malevich and Vasily Kandinsky, discussed their masterpieces and learned to understand and talk about the art of the 20th century.

We are looking forward to our new school trips!

Charity Week

Charity Week showed us once again that our students are not only capable and talented children, but also incredibly open and generous people.

During last week we were collecting things for the children's hospice "House with a lighthouse" talking about the importance of charity and the ways of supporting less fortunate people around us.

At the end of the week, our school was visited by Sofia Kharkova, a member of the "House with a Lighthouse", who conducted a lesson of kindness for our students and teachers. Sophia shared the stories of the patients of the hospice and showed by their example the importance of goodness, sincerity and love for life, despite the saddest circumstances, illnesses and failures.

Finally, our students signed postcards with wishes and kind words for children from the "House with a Lighthouse", and our young reporters from the Journalism club interviewed the participants of the assembly and the guest speaker.

We are very happy and thankful to have kind-hearted children studying at our school!

"..Пусть все желания сбудутся и смысл жизни ты найдёшь! Привет, меня зовут Инна, мне 10 лет, этот стишок я придумала специально для тебя, хотя я не знаю кто ты, как тебя зовут..Удачи и добра!" На прошлой неделе ученики школы CIS Russia @cisrussia Кампус Фестивальная совместно с издательством Usborne проводили неделю добрых сердец - собирали посылку для Детского хосписа, предметы гигиены, необходимые нашим семьям, и проводили благотворительную книжную ярмарку, часть средств от продаж переданы в помощь Детскому хоспису. А наша коллега Соня поводила урок доброты и рассказывала о том, как работает хоспис, разговаривала с ребятами 8-12 лет о том, что значит быть добрым (это помогать другим, сказали дети) и вместе рисовали открытки-послания. Хотим сказать большое спасибо Инне и всем участникам акции, большое спасибо преподавателям и администрации школы. Мы будем очень стараться исполнить мечты наших детей. #домсмаяком #kindhearts #cisfestivalnaya

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Stars of The Week

Well done to all of our stars in Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2. Mark B, Maxim and Alika have all pleased their teachers so much that they received our coveted Star of the Week Awards. Also, a special well done to Elmin – our Spanish star, Lev – our Art star and Dmitriy – our Music and Dance star; all from our Year 2 class. Again, well done to everyone!

We are happy to relate our Stars of the Week for the past fortnight in Years 3 and 4. In Year 3 Mark and Miroslava have taken the crown for determination and good work. In Year 4 the title went to Diana for excellent presentation and Artyom for greatest improvement.

In Year 5 our past two stars of the week included Yana and Grisha because both of them were very helpful and hardworking. They also brought a model for their space lesson in Science. In Year 6 Alex earned the star of the week for excelling in Maths. Matvey also earned a star of the week two weeks ago putting for good effort in English. In Year 7 the past week saw George Polyakov earn the star of the week. He earned the star of the week because over the past several weeks he has improved his spoken English and he speaks English with his classmates without being reminded. Year 8 saw Eva and Katya earn the star of the week the past two weeks: Eva earned the star of the week for good work in ICT, and Katya earned the star of the week for setting herself a target and achieving the goal.

House Cups

We have started the house cup at CIS Festivalnaya campus. The Eagles have jumped to an early lead with 165 points, the Sharks and Lions are close behind with 143 and 148 points respectively. As a quick reminder, the house cup is based on point totals earned throughout the week by the students on Class Dojo. They earn these points by working hard in class, following the rules, or doing other respectful acts. CongratulationstotheEagles!

Club Journal

This year in journalism club the students are working on our brand new student run journal “The Festivalnaya Student Voice”. This will be a monthly publication run by our students. The entire project will be created by the students and supervised by Mr. William and Mr. Jordan. The journal will have three teams: the writing staff, the interview staff, and the design staff. Students will all be able to take part in each team. Within each team, the students will learn about how to construct an article, how to edit an article, how to conduct an interview, and some basic design skills.

The journal itself will consist of articles about the daily life at school. Special events, trips, and other daily occurrences will be included in the newspaper. This first issue will include an article about The Cambridge Mile and The International Week. We look forward to this exciting project for the new school year!



Thank you for your assistance with parking each morning. We appreciate you not holding up traffic as you enter and exit the gates, parking in a considerate manner of others and not doing illegal U-turns in front of the schools.

School Dress Code 

Many thanks for your continued support of the school and its policies! We are delighted that our students now wear dress according to the school dress code. They look great in their white shirts, red jumpers, and navy blue bottoms!

We would appreciate your support in ensuring your children to be equipped for PE lessons as well, it is important to wear sports clothes and sports shoes while training.

Thank you for cooperation.

Chess Tournament Champion

Our students keep impressing us with their achievements and victories! Alex Gukasyan from Year 6 became the absolute winner at the “Cambridge Chess Tournament” which was held on the 14th of October at CIS Skolkovo Campus. Alex won all games and outplayed all competitors according to the Buchholz and Berger coefficients. 

We are very proud of Alex and wish him all the best in his pursuit of even greater glory!