Online Learning

Mathletics is back!

All students will be given access to Mathletics and Reading Eggs shortly and we would encourage them to spend about 10 minutes per weeknight on this to reinforce the basics.

The teachers have access to the dashboard for each class and can monitor the progress of children.

Please note your password and login for each child

Mathletics is designed to provide students with an engaging and safe learning experience. Targeted and adaptive content with structured support, plus gaming and rewards – all aligned to the primary maths curriculum. Mathletics courses are aligned to the requirements and outcomes of the maths curriculum and designed for all learning styles. Questions include animated tutorials, audio support and adapt to the learning pace of each child.


Reading Eggs is here!

Reading Eggs was created by expert educators with over 30 years of experience. The multi-award winning early learning resource supports your child’s learn to read journey with carefully designed online reading games and activities that are easy to follow, self-paced, and highly engaging for young children.

By incorporating Reading Eggs into your child’s daily routine, you will be helping to prepare them for the same structured learning they will need to succeed and feel confident

  • The lessons use colourful animation, fun characters, songs, and rewards to keep children motivated.
  • The programme includes over 2000 online books for kids – each ending with a comprehension quiz that assesses children’s understanding.