From the Secondary School Head Teacher

As the second term gets underway, the real work begins in the secondary school. The new pupils have settled into Year 7, and have adjusted to the new, more autonomous environment, as have the new Sixth Form pupils. Our Year 11 pupils are beginning to fully comprehend the enormity of their undertaking this year, as they prepare for their IGCSE examinations, and our Upper Sixth Form pupils have possibly the most difficult task of them all to undertake- university selections. We have had one pupil sit for an Oxford entrance exam, and many other painstakingly trawling through the options that they have before them once they leave Skolkovo.

It was an absolutely pleasure to see so many engaged parents at the Parent-Teacher Conferences last week on Wednesday and Thursday evenings in the Secondary School. Many productive and information discussions took place and it was great to see the teaching and learning activities of our school discussed and debated with such enthusiasm over the course of these interviews.

Thank you to all staff who contributed to the Science Week celebrations this week.

The Secondary School Winter Dance will occur in week 5, the December examinations are scheduled for Week 6, and the Christmas concert rounding off the term in Week 8.

We wish our Junior footballers luck in their friendly match against ISM next week and hope they can replicate the success of the Senior Boys in their game last week against AAS.


Have a fantastic fortnight!