Secondary School Winter Dance

Secondary School students and staff will be trialing an exciting event this term with the first school dance at CIS, which will take place on Friday, 1st December. The announcement of the social dance was made on Friday and already students are signing up to get involved.

The aim of the dance is for staff and students to connect outside of the classroom and to give students the opportunity to contribute to an interesting, extra-curricular activity. Students have volunteered to form the committee who will be working alongside Ms Hookins to coordinate the dance. Their responsibilities could range from facilitating the entertainment, decorating the hall, designing the posters to taking photos on the evening.

It has also been made clear that students’ invites are behavior-dependent and those who do not comply with school rules will not be allowed to attend.

The success of the dance lies on the students’ participation and enthusiasm so we ask that parents further encourage their children to attend.

Parents and students will be given more information within the next week following the dance committee meeting.