Trip to Plyos

On October 25-26th our students and their parents accompanied by Mr Denis went on a very special and exciting tour to some of the most renowned cities of Russia’s Golden Ring.The most time was spent in Kostroma and the small town of Plyos in Ivanovo Oblast.

Our group visited the only building in Kostroma which is in the UNESCO catalogue – the Fire Tower and one of Russia’s most visited historical sites – the Ipatiev Monastery. In 1613 the Monastery was the place where Moscow boyars came to invite Mikhail Romanov to become the new ruler.

The charming Plyos amazed us with the gorgeous nature views, which after all so much tantalized the great Russian artist Isaak Levitan. In the Museum of Levitan we were shown some of the legendary works of the artist and a professional artist gave our students a master class how to paint autumn landscape, and they created their own ‘masterpieces’.