Maths Week

We celebrated Maths Week here at CIS Festivalnaya between the 20th and 24th of November. First of all, I would like to thank all teachers and members of staff for their help in making this week memorable, notably Ms Caroline, Mr Matt, Ms Dasha and Ms Julia. On Tuesday all Primary and Secondary classes participated in a Maths quiz, then on Friday, there was a Maths Olympiad in the assembly where mixed ability teams drawn from the various houses (Eagles, Lions and Sharks), were pitted against each other in the fierce competition!

Many other activities were organised in the various classrooms throughout the week as well, Ms Caroline visited nearly all years and pupils were challenged to formulate and discuss various hypotheses, EYFS created an 'addition machine', Year 5 made a fantastic display based around the nets of geometric shapes, Year 4 learnt how to multiply numbers using the Japanese method and Year 2 spent the whole week solving different problems in their very own 'Maths Scavenger Hunt' game (their display is wonderful too, by the way!), amongst many other events.

I would really encourage you all to take a few minutes to visit our classrooms and enjoy the fruits of your children's creativity and dedication to this the most wonderful of all subjects.