From the Headteacher Primary – 5

From the Headteacher Primary – 5

As predicted, this year has raced on by and we are almost at Christmas, the festive season. It's been a busy and exciting year!

Just last week, we celebrated Maths Week. The children thoroughly enjoyed all of the maths activities that they were involved in and realised that mathematics extends to all parts and facets of life.

We are now very busy preparing for the End of Year concert. I take this opportunity to invite one and all to our concert on the 19th December 2017 in the Secondary Hall at 3 pm.

It is always wonderful to watch the children perform on stage and this concert is not to be missed. We look forward to seeing all our parents at this event to celebrate this time of year with us.

My time at CIS and indeed in Moscow is coming to an end. It allows me time to think back to when I first arrived.

Two enduring thoughts, which struck me in the very beginning, have stayed with me. Firstly, I was enthralled by the children I met. As a teacher, I liked the fact that they could think for themselves. They were, by and large, interested in learning and weren't dulled by conditioning and overuse of technology. Secondly, I also really appreciated the fact that families are a unit. The dad, mum and children, generally including the family pet, did things together. They went out as a family and took part in many activities as a family unit. At CIS, it is wonderful to see how mums and dads get involved in all activities, take part with enthusiasm and help where needed. It is even more obvious to me now that the family is a strong unit in this country. This is not only true of our school but I see it when out and about, discovering this beautiful city which I have called home for the last three and a half years. Moscow never fails to surprise me, I have thoroughly enjoyed finding out more about this magnificent and beautiful metropolis!

As the time to depart draws nearer, I will take this moment to say a heartfelt thank you to all the parents and children. You and your country have captured my heart; you have welcomed me and helped me make this city my home. Moscow will always be in my heart. I wish you every success in the coming year. This journey has not always been easy, but infinitely worthwhile. May your children exceed our expectations; learn all they can and believe that they can be a better version of themselves. And may we at CIS, be the guiding light and aid them on their journey through life.

I thank you

Ms Dee

As predicted, this year has raced on by and we are almost at Christmas, the festive season. It's been a busy and exciting year