Book review "Momo"

The fantasy book Momo was published by Michael Ende in 1973. The story tells us about a girl called Momo, who lives in the ruins of an old theater. She is a great listener, and people who are in a bad mood come to her and tell her everything. Momo tries to help them. Every evening she plays with other kids from the city. Momo has two best friends: a wise old man named Beppo and a story teller Jigi. Everything is fine, until one day strange gray people are seen by the townsfolk. At first, they are ignored, but soon something terrible happens for everyone...

This book is very interesting because the main character of Momo is intriguing and deep. Also, the book asks the reader to think about how they spend their time. I recommend this book to children ages 8+ because some of the vocabulary could be difficult. However, I think everyone should read this book.

Arman Mia, Year 7 student
Moscow Campus