Business Studies Newsletter

Without businesses our modern lifestyles would not be possible. From the minute we get up in the morning to when we go to bed at night, we are using things made by businesses around the world. Students who study business at CIS Russia are learning to view the world around them in a new light, to ask questions about where these products come from, and wonder who the people are that make these businesses possible.

Year 10 students have been learning about how entrepreneurs start businesses, how businesses grow to become large multinational companies, and why some businesses end in failure. The students gave some excellent presentations to the class on Russian and international entrepreneurs and the companies that they founded.

Year 11 have been looking at how companies choose where to locate their businesses and why they sometimes relocate to other countries. The students learnt that decisions about where to set up are one of the most important decisions, as it can often make or break the business.

For our A level students, Year 12 have been looking at how businesses use marketing to understand their customers need and want, and how the businesses can create products that better satisfy their customers. Year 13 students are learning about finance: the different ways businesses get the money they need to get started and grow.