Cambridge Has Got Talent

What is the best way to open new horizons and showcase what you’ve got? Taking part in a talent show! These events are the ones that are filled with art coming out from every corner and filling the room with excitement and surprise. Cambridge’s Got Talent was no exception!

Tens of students have participated in the show to unravel the beauty of arts. Many different genres were present. Most of the contestants were in with a vocal number and all of them rocked the stage like true stars! Song choices were both bold and well thought out, filling the room with romanticism, action, happiness and wit! The next best thing on the list were dance numbers amongst which we witnessed some memorable styles that included hip-hop, contemporary and break-dancing. The art of music was also very well represented by our fabulous piano players who filled the room with soothing sounds of that magnificent instrument, capable of taking one’s breath away at one note.

The sports section was represented by gymnasts who have showed us tricks that no simple human can pull off that easily. It was an absolute pleasure! Our youngest contestants also made us smile by reciting poetry by heart in the cutest possible manner. There was also some unusual acts that took the audience by an awe. A magnificent magic show left the room questioning physics. A fabulous science show made everyone squeak with excitement. Two stunning works of animation opened and closed the show leaving everyone with nothing but inspiration, happiness and satisfaction! 

Ms Angelika, Performing Arts Teacher – Moscow campus