Skolkovo campus: CIS Got Talent 2020

“Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express” - Brenda Ueland.

Each CIS student is unique and talented. They can sing, dance, act, draw and create lovely things. If your voice can touch the deepest parts of the soul, if your dance rhythms correlate with heart beating, if your acting can end in spectaculars tears or if your sports results are close to the Guinness book, you are welcome to join the CIS got Talent 2K20 contest!

On the 4th of February (for Secondary) and 6th of February (for Primary) Skolkovo campus will host the greatest arts and sports contest! 

The contest will start at 16:15.

Show your best! Express yourself, impress our jury and get the prize!

Please, don't forget to sign up on the site:

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