Information about COVID-19

Dear parents,

We want to comment on and update the information about the functioning of CIS campuses in Moscow, the Moscow region, and St. Petersburg. 

For now, the autumn Term break at CIS corresponds to the academic calendar (2.11 – 6.11), and we do not plan any shifts. There are no prerequisites for introducing an additional break in education process. All measures recommended by state and regulatory authorities are strictly observed. 

The system of isolated flows (“bubbles”) and food intake is monitored, a quarantine regime is introduced for staff and students with even slightest signs or symptoms of SARS, cleaning etc. Currently, even with seasonal illnesses, less than 5% of students are absent from campuses. 

We will promptly inform you about all changes related to the educational process through school communication channels (website, e-mail, telegram channels of campuses).


CIS administration.


For admission contact the call center: 8 800 775 4270

Please find the Covid Parent Handbook in the following link:

Download COVID Handbook