Early Morning Work

Early Morning Work

Each morning, after breakfast, children in year 4 pick up their reading files and get to work.

We have a solid half hour working on various reading skills. The class is always eager to get started and it sets a great foundation for the rest of the day.

Every Monday they're given a new text to read. This could be fiction or non-fiction and come in many different forms. To practise fluency, the children must time themselves reading the same text every day. They then have daily, text-dependent questions that build in complexity each week as more skills are introduced.

Skills introduced this term are fluency, referring to details, making inferences (a concept many children, and adults alike, struggle with) and using context clues.

After completing all of their daily questions the children love to pick an inference task card. These cards feature short passages with text-dependent questions. Pupils in 4M are slowly becoming inference masters!

The mornings are always full of questions and discussion about the text they are working on It is a pleasure to watch the children developing their skills with enthusiasm.