Geography is continuing to be one of the most dynamic subjects at school. We are a tight unit and all the students take pride in understanding why and how the world works the way it does.

Hot on the heels of the devastating 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia recently, our year 7 students have been investigating natural hazards, understanding why the earth shakes, and how we can minimize its effects. 

Year 8 have been investigating the coastline, and understanding its importance in our lives, regardless of how far from the coast we live. These are exciting times and our class have been drawing diagrams, both explaining and hypothesizing how different landforms are formed. We have even been dancing!

Year 9 have just finished their course on fragile environments, where we ended our unit with a trip to the botanical gardens at Prospect Mira. These pictures show just how much the students enjoyed themselves, whilst learning about different climates and the threats each one faces. We all returned to school having experienced a tropical climate, appreciating its beauty and its fragility.  

Year 10 students are busy familiarizing themselves about volcanoes, where they will soon have the opportunity to co-teach with me to our year 7 students. This will be an exciting session and one I am really looking forward to.

Whilst all our years are busy researching and understanding new concepts our year 11 students are coming to the end of their course, and are busy sitting their mock exams. I am sure they will all do well, and make the school, as well as myself proud.