Interesting Facts about Academic dress

Academic dress

Members of the University of Cambridge can often be spotted strolling through the streets of Cambridge proudly displaying their college scarf or wearing robes (official academic dress). In fact, the University of Cambridge has a long history in academic dress. While academic robes are slightly less common at the University these days, members of the University still wear academic robes to special events and college formal dinners.


Formal hall

At the end of a long day in the library, there is nothing quite like the experience of a formal hall. These are formal meals held at the colleges. The nature of formal hall varies at the various colleges in terms of the dress, and how often they are per week. Generally, they are three or more course meals that take place in beautiful college dining halls and are complete with beverage and great conversation. University members are expected to dress in formal attire and often to also wear their academic dress.


Mr. Marat, Cambridge Exam Officer