How to help a first-grader to adapt to school?

School always gives new psychological challenges, and the most important one is forming the «position of a pupil». In kindergarten, lessons are taught in the form of games, kids often do «what they want», and not «what is necessary». School and lessons altogether is a whole new system for a child. «The position of a pupil» it is an ability to listen and absorb information. The parents’ main aim during this period is to motivate and help their children adapt to this new position, that means to help them to be responsible, listen to the teacher and in general become «a pupil».
You can start with small things like daily routine — prepare the schoolbag or keep the diary together — helping your child get used to daily activities of a pupil. These «rituals» for the new status of a child, and are very important during the first weeks at school.
Parents should show interest in their children’s life. It needs to be done in a way that would make your child feel that what is happening with him at the moment is very crucial for the parent, but at the same time it should leave child’s personal space, make him responsible and confident.
Parents should always ask their first-year pupils, how their day at school went, what he learnt and what afterschool activities he had. Do not emphasize attention on marks, as during the first years they are used for motivation and not for actually assessing knowledge of children.
In Cambridge international school the transition from kindergarten to school is quite «mild». All teachers have teacher’s assistants who are always ready to help children and if there any difficulties, parents can always visit the school counsellor.