Maintaining Good Grades in School

Maintaining Good Grades in School

Do you remember the feeling after you got a high score on a test? It was amazing! Most students love this feeling and wish they could achieve it all year. There is a secret that can help students keep their scores consistently high. Follow these different steps to maintain your grades. 

1. Attend All Your Classes.

Listen and learn in all of the lessons. Attendance allows you to sit and absorb all the information needed for the test. Always try to be involved in the class discussions, participate in the lessons and ask questions.

2. Do Your Homework.

Complete homework assignments and you'll have a chance to practice what you have learned. Completing homework allows you to get an idea of what areas you don't understand, and you can ask for additional help. Completing your homework also ensures that a student won't fall behind. 

3. Stay Organized.

Use a planner or diary to keep track of due dates, activities and tests dates. Always go through the diary and check for upcoming tasks so that you can give yourself enough time to complete the task. Keep notebooks and papers neat because these will be needed for studying for future tests.

4. Study, Study, Study.

Start studying early and often! Don’t wait until the day before a test! Try breaking a study session into shorter periods to give your brain time to absorb the information before moving on. Try studying with friends or parents for extra support, but make sure you stay focused.  

The steps are very simple, and when you consistently work on them, the easier it is to make them into good work habits. Try it out and you will see how easy it is to maintain your grades throughout the whole year. Who knows, maybe it will even help you increase your grades. 

Ms. Wendy, Year 2 Teacher
Moscow Campus