Our projects

Year 4A

After the first school week, our pupils started preparing home projects on literature, on different projects. For example, in Year 4A the topic of the project was “The Chronicle”. Miss Svetlana shared the results of pupils’ work.

Here are the projects by Beata Turetskayan, Maria Spiridonova, Margarita Ostroukhova.


Year 3A

In Year 3A we did projects in the section "Oral Folk Art". " The students learned more about special tales which are called “dokuchnie skazki”, listened to the rhythm of the works, were surprised at the unexpected end of the tales. Pupils created their own small tales, too. Miss Olga shared some of the works. Take a look at these amazing works!

By Khiger Valeria

By Nasirov Akbar and Grigoriy Sereda

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