This year’s Russian week

This year’s Russian week coincided with the 250th birthday of great Russian writer Ivan Andreevich Krylov. Students of our campus enjoyed many activities related to this date. They went to Patriarshie Ponds to see Krylov’s monument. They embarked on the quest about life and fables of Ivan Andreevich. They had to explore sculptures, answer questions, make snow figures of heroes and make a play based on Krylov's fables.

They also made posters about fables and attended a fable reciting contest. Another highlight of the week was the workshop on the life of students 10 centuries ago! Not only students learned many fascinating facts but also had a chance to step into the shoes of students in Ancient Rus. They tried to write on a wax tablet and also design and draw their own monogram. 

Mr Ivan Smagin, Afterschool Activities Coordinator
Moscow Campus