CIS School Life

Here at Cambridge International School, we recently completed our Cambridge Mile Run Festival. On September 28th, students, parents, teachers, and others all came out to celebrate fitness and health. The day started with soccer, warm ups, and fantastic conversation. Then we had two different races where people could participate. Both of the 1 mile and the 2 mile runs were an astounding success. Not only was the festival fun, participants were able to get some wonderful exercise before the winter season struck. Then everyone was able to enjoy delectable Plov. Despite the rain and cold our annual festive was a resounding success!

Also during the week, the students had their International Week festival at Cambridge International School. This year there was a wide variety of countries where parents and students could visit and learn about. Songs, acting, art projects, quizzes and other fun activities awaited those who visited the host countries of Egypt, USA, Estonia, Ireland, and many more. Our students had a fun week learning about culture, history, and the life of people all over the world.

Mr William Myers, Global Perspectives Teacher