School life: Trips week

Our students visited a lot of interesting places during school trips week. Early Years and Year 1 went to the Exotarium and saw animals from the hot savannas, deserts, and rainforests. They also learnt some fascinating facts about exotic animals from every continent of our planet. Year 2 and Year 3 visited the highest viewing platform in Moscow city which is located in the Federation Tower. Students had the opportunity to see and learn about the surrounding cityscape from the dizzying height of the 89th floor.

Year 5 and Year 6 went to the Moscow Planetarium and learnt about the history of astronomy and researches of the world around us. They saw the ancient and modern tools for starry sky investigations. Moreover, they learnt about unusual celestial spectacle, the planets of the Solar System and space exploration.  

Key stage 3 students visited the “Aqua Man” exhibition, where they found out what lives in a drop of water, looked through the microscope at the smallest inhabitants of the underwater kingdom and went on a virtual dive to look at the underwater wonders and inhabitants of the deep sea.  

Mr Ivan Smagin, Afterschool Activities Coordinator
Moscow Campus

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