Goal setting lessons

Goal setting lessons

During the first quarter of the PSHE lessons, we worked together with high school students to study the sphere of human life values and its influence on the future profession.

Also in this quarter, we taught high school students to form goals for the future using the modern SMART goals goal-setting system, which is widely used in many areas of management. On the subject of Business, this is also part of the curriculum, but our classes are more applied and personal. Children receive skills in setting goals for the year, working both in groups and individually.

In the Uniprep classes that we taught for high school students in this quarter, we invited speakers from the Skolkovo School of Management to present the school to present their work on career guidance and the influence of personal characteristics on career choices and work activities. Then they filled out a questionnaire that helps in the study itself.

Also within the framework of Uniprep classes, pupils are scheduled to meet with representatives of universities in the UK, the Netherlands, and Canada, and negotiations are underway with universities in other countries.

In the next term, our work in these classes will be more applied and personal. We will work with TOP5 students on the list of universities for admission, as well as teach high school pupils how to correctly formulate personal statements, which in the international education system are just as important criteria for admission to a university as academic success.

In the Lower Secondary, we are currently negotiating with the MSU Research Center, which has developed a career guidance system using a comprehensive personal and motivational questionnaire. Also, we are working on a general system of informing children about possible areas of professional self-application and drawing up an atlas of professions for the whole Lower Secondary. This work is scheduled for the second term. 

Olga Perminova – Secondary School Counselor