The life and success of Cambridge International School graduates

In the summer of 2022, our students graduated from 13 classes, passed their exams, and graduated. Boys and girls went on to explore the new world on their own. School leaders, teachers, and classmates are all watching the fate of our graduates with great interest. And they, in turn, willingly share their successes with us.

Alexander Velovov: "I‘m aiming to study business management in Munich (Germany). The CIS gave many important life qualities which will definitely help in my future academic and private life”.
Anastasia Velovova: «Right now l’m in my home city Munich where I applied to several unis to study Hotel management. I highly appreciate the effort and work our teachers have done for us. CIS has for sure a very special place in my heart!»
Anna Polyaniko: «I got accepted into all five universities I applied to, located all around the UK. My tutors supported my applications to the schools I never dreamed of going to. In the end, I chose the University of Brighton, where I will be studying BA Homs Film and Screen Studies starting the upcoming September».

Daniel and Nikita Tyunyakin: «We have been offered places at Essex University. We may postpone these offers and study for 1 year in a russian university.

Without the help of our marvellous teachers we would never have this opportunity».

Kirill Uzubets: «I am currently studying for the International and European Law program at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands».

We are proud that the dreams of our graduates have come true and we whole heartedly support them!