Value of the month – Peace

Over the centuries peace has come to represent many things: for the religiously minded, inner peace is attained through a deeper connection with, and understanding of, God. This is quite fitting for many during the period of Easter; others find theirs in the pages of a good book, or in listening to music or attending the ballet. Some describe peace as the absence of war or life without suffering; some find peace in long walks surrounded by nature, or at home in the embrace of a loving family, but the one thing all have in common is a shared belief that peace is a good thing.

So, in the last few weeks of school, when we are tired and emotional, parents, students, teachers alike should strive to help one another end the school year in a peaceful and positive way. We need to forget the struggles of the past year, grasp the opportunities ahead to find whatever form of peace we seek, and return refreshed – ready for what’s next.

Michael Leach, Headteacher – Moscow Campus