Cambridge Teacher, Primary School

Arno Greyling


I am a born and raised South African. I have a background in law and worked in the legal sphere before getting a Master’s Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I wanted to traveI the world teaching English, and as fate would have it, I settled in the first country that I taught English in. I have taught Early Years and Key Stage 1 at international schools for 5 years in and around Moscow, and I plan to stay in Russia for the foreseeable future. I genuinely enjoy working at CIS Gorki because of the enthusiastic students and the professionalism of my colleagues.

A fun fact about me: I am semi-ambidextrous.

Arno Greyling
Gorki Campus

The school is located in just 17 km away from Moscow, in the Cottage village “Berezki”. The newly built separate school and kindergarten buildings are equipped with modern facilities and have great transport accessibility.