Kseniya Moiseeva

ESL Teacher

Kseniya Moiseeva




  1. Peoples' Friendship University of Russia: Bachelor in Linguistics - Theory and Methodology of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures. 

  2. Teachers Training College: Foreign Languages Teacher Degree and Interpreter for Professional Communications. 

  3. West Finland College: English Communication Skills course. 3 TKT Modules.

My journey began more than eight years ago when I started my professional career as a Primary and Secondary English teacher in a state school. Since 2017, I have been teaching at CIS and this place has allowed me to explore new ways of teaching and connecting with students.

Kseniya Moiseeva
Skolkovo Campus

The Skolkovo campus is located in the western part of Moscow in the vicinity of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, surrounded by a national park and numerous sports fields.