Cambridge Teacher, Mathematics and Physics

Magda Ospine Zarate




Bs. Physics_ Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas. Bogotá Post graduated studies Geophysics_ Data Process, Houston, Texas USA_ Schlumberger Education_Differentiaating Instruction, Harvard graduate school of education.

I have a background in Physics, with close to 20 years of experience as a Physics and Math teacher. During my career, I have led groups of teachers and students into the Cambridge Curriculum, helping my students to achieve academic excellence. In addition, I have worked as an academic director and Head of Mathematics department, leading curriculum improvements across all grade levels, from preschool to high school, and achieving international academic goals. My experience is not limited to education, as I have also worked in the oilfield industry. This has given me valuable insight into the practical applications of Physics and Math, and helped me to understand the broader impact of these disciplines in the real world.

Magda Ospine Zarate
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The Skolkovo campus is located in the western part of Moscow in the vicinity of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, surrounded by a national park and numerous sports fields.