International week

From the 30th of January to the 03rd of February  we were celebrating cultures from around the world with our ‘International Week’. All the year groups chose a country to study, looking at the culture, food, clothing and history of that place. On Friday the school came together and we presented to each other our ideas and discoveries from the week.

In Years 5 and 3 they took a journey to Italy, exploring the vast wealth of Italian art, from the Romans, through the renaissance, into the modern day. Year 2 visited the Italians’ neighbors the Greeks, enjoying the stories and adventures of Greek Mythology  and looking at the ways the stories of the past have shaped the country then and now. Year 1 took an airplane to Spain, where they saw a bull and matador. They saw some beautiful flamenco dancing by a girl in a magnificent red dress. Together they sent a postcard to the school, telling us all about their journey, each drawing and learning about the Spanish flag. Reception went to China, discovering the ancient history of one of the world’s oldest cultures. They enjoyed learning about the complex writing system of Chinese characters, learning how to write their names in beautiful script. On Friday they entertained us with their dragon puppets. Nursery took their ticket to Germany, exploring the rich stories from the Bavarian culture. On Friday they excited all the children with a trip to the house of Hansel and Gretel, fresh from the pages of a fairy-tale.

International week at AIS Skolkovo was a trip around the world, exploring far away places and sharing our discoveries with our friends. We wanted to bring the world together.